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The Carolina Miracle League is expanding the facilities at Miracle Park in Boiling Springs, SC to include a fully inclusive playground, "Free2play at Miracle Park". This is an exciting project as this "Boundless Playground" will be the first of its kind in South Carolina. The playground will provide a unique opportunity for children and families of all abilities to be free to play together without the obstacles that a typical playground presents.

The typical playground can be a place of failure, embarrassment, or isolation for a child with a disability. Did you know that an estimated 1 out of every 10 children has a disability which prevents them from enjoying a traditional playground? Play is a fundamental joy of childhood.

free 2 play, SpartanburgExperts in pediatrics and early education note that through play, children develop their language skills, decision making abilities, social interaction strategies, and physical, sensory, and cognitive strengths. No other activity in children’s lives provides as much richness and experience as free play. A free play environment allows children to use their individual strengths and abilities to engage in play independently and equally with their peers, siblings and neighbors.

The long term impact that this playground will have on Spartanburg will be amazing! We envision a community that embraces individuals with disabilities and supports their right to a full and engaging life. Playgrounds for children of all abilities are a great way a community can express its commitment to the ideal that every person is valued and makes important contributions to society.

Please join the effort to make this dream a reality.
The projected cost of the playground is $350,000. Through the generosity of individuals like you our community will have "free2play at Miracle Park, a place where every child is free to be a kid".